Lately, as I scroll through various articles on social media, I notice numerous pictures of new moms posting pictures of their children on a blanket, displaying how many months old they are.  Almost without fail, the post reads something to the tune of, “[Insert Child’s Name] is four months old… sorry, I’m a couple days late in posting!”

My immediate reaction to these posts is almost always, Who Cares? Not about the posts; please, more baby pictures!  But about the admission of being a couple days late.  I promise you that aside from in-laws and grandparents, no one is date checking you.  My second reaction is, Why the stress and the guilt of posting late, or not at all?

I wish I had the answer!  I experienced some of this guilt just yesterday.  I had specifically put a reminder in my calendar this past Sunday about International Women’s Day, so I could prepare something thoughtful for the incredible women I work with and for. Sunday turned busy and I shifted the reminder ahead by a day…and another day. March 8th came, and I finally noticed the reminder at the end of the day, hiding within my very colorful calendar.  I had missed the opportunity to celebrate the important women in my life.

But it’s the thought that counts, right?  Sure, and there’s no question intention matters, but in reality, it’s the follow through that moves things.  Admittedly, I used to have a handwritten note hanging in my office that read “Consistency & Follow Through.”  But how can I follow through when every day on my calendar looks like a double rainbow and I’m prioritizing only the priorities?  Does missing the specific date really matter?

One of the core initiatives in establishing Lucro, was to empower and celebrate women in hospitality.  Why should I feel guilty that I didn’t post something yesterday in support? I don’t just celebrate women one day a year, I celebrate them every day.  I still feel guilty, not from failing to post, but for mis-stepping in my priorities a bit. The women I work with and work for allow me the ability to be present so that I can be a better Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Human. This date mattered to me.  So how do I avoid missing those important dates when I have a proverbial “stack of papers” waiting in my email inbox (aside from hiring the BEST calendar management specialist!?).

Reviewing this concept through a professional lens, does missing the holiday or anniversary date matter?  Does missing an employee’s birthday matter?  Does it have to be a yes or no or could it be both? I embrace International Women’s Day, and recognition days similar to it, as an opportunity to remember the past, evaluate the present and impact the future. Taking a moment, any moment, to express sincere gratitude and appreciation to those who are important in your daily life, even if it’s just a thank you, can have an immeasurable impact.

Consequently, A Thank You that is void of sincerity will most certainly have a net negative impact.  Don’t be a Fool.  Follow through is only as effective as it is meaningful.

But, be it for a blanketed, yet heartfelt and genuine “thank you” from the core, if there’s no follow through at all, there’s no action and therefore no breakthrough. So this is me showing my gratitude to all the women making history.  Happy International Women’s Day… a day late.

Shared from the perspective of a female entrepreneur, who now feels guilty for having put her daughter to bed early so that she could elect for blog writing over the priority list of priorities, to which blogging didn’t make the cut!

Reflection lights the path forward.
This specific Thank You goes to Lucro’s newest full-time employee.  More to come on that soon!