Culture & Community

Lucro founders, Amy and Jess, have a deep commitment to fostering positive culture and community among the on-site teams they manage. They work with the guiding philosophy that happy team members drive culture, purpose and loyalty resulting in higher profitability for Owners. 

As a company, Lucro’s vision is to reveal the potential in places, spaces, and people. Onsite employees know Amy and Jess have their professional growth, health, and success in mind. Property owners know Lucro works diligently to effectively manage their investment. When people work together, healthy returns are realized for all.

Over several years, we have developed award-winning initiatives that have helped both properties and employees flourish. Our culture and community building programs include morale boosting “shout out” initiatives, partnerships with local high schools, and the first Maine hospitality apprenticeship program, to name just a few.

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